The Transforming Power of Sri Guru Gita




The chanting of Sri Guru Gita over the last 17 years has provided me with the spiritual energy and alignment for directing the production of the Soft Diamond Light package. I often say that the basis of everything good in my life I owe to the spiritual practice of chanting this sacred, Sanskrit text of 182 verses. (†) It was a precious gem during living in an ashram over many, many years pursuing a discipline of seva (selfless service), chanting and meditation. This resulted in having many profound, inner experiences and insights that are described in my book "Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters".

I started reciting the Guru Gita in 1992 while living in an Australian ashram. During this time it quickly became my main and most favourite spiritual practice. At one time, I recited the Guru Gita every morning consistently, at the exact same time for more than four years. I subsequently chanted the Guru Gita for most days of the week for the additional five years of living in the ashram. (I still chant the Guru Gita regularly to this day.)

Over all this time, I have grown to believe that the Guru Gita revolves around the sublime, yet supremely simple premise of verse 100 within the Guru Gita. This verse is essentially saying that knowledge and form are two sides of the one coin, namely, knowledge is inseparable from the object of that knowledge.

In addition, since the Guru Gita literally means the ‘song of the Guru’ or the ‘sound body’ of the Guru then the Guru Gita, is in fact, the mantric sound vibration that invokes the presence of the true Guru or our innate inner higher Self, (these being one and the same thing). We therefore see that through the one-pointed focus of chanting of the Guru Gita we are effectively identifying or aligning with the vibratory, energetic state of the Guru or our inner Self. And since the Guru Gita is in essence, the actual presence or ‘sound-body’ of the Guru then chanting it basically provides an efficient and powerful path for attaining the sublime state of liberation of the Guru by invoking this energetic identification and alignment to our inner Self.

I believe that “...the existence of devas play an integral part of the special long chants, like the Guru Gita ...the devas play a crucial function in the distribution of energy generated by these sacred chants." In my personal experience while chanting the Guru Gita I have inwardly sensed “…the involvement of great angels and devas in this ceremony. I believed each of us attracts the blessings of these ceremonial devas or angels in direct proportion to the strength of our devotion and one-pointedness in reciting the chants. This is greatly enhanced when we establish a regular routine, chanting every day at the same time with the proper discipline and focus.

“It is through this devotion that we invoke the wish-fulfilling powers often spoken of regarding this practice. The presiding devas are responsible for channelling the very powerful energies invoked during these chants. They control the manifestation process of the universe according to God’s plan, directly under the guidance and inspiration of the Guru’s grace.”

As we become more aligned and are able to access the innate intuition and inspiration of our inner Self we are able to express this in our daily lives and personalities. Most importantly, this gives us the greater capacity for love, joy, creativity, persistence, compassion and the power of will to manifest with fullness of our heart.

Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky



(†) Please note the number of verses may vary depending on the publication & the convention used for numbering the verses. (I believe the version of Sri Guru Gita with 182 verses was made popular in the film and book, 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.)

© 2011 Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky


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